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Auckland Bus and Coach Hire is the best option for your transportation needs.  Whether you need a bus or coach service to Mount Albert and its surrounding suburbs, we can get it done!  We are committed to providing exceptional services in Auckland area with our fleet of buses and coaches that will ensure safe transport throughout the region at an affordable cost.

Auckland Bus and Coach Hire proudly offer top-of-the-line buses that can cater to your needs.  Our team has years of valuable knowledge about transporting people safely around New Zealand.  And with our network of local bus companies across Auckland we are able to easily provide you with an option no matter what size group or transport need you may be looking for.  We can provide services for the following events:

  • Conventions

We can transport groups of people from hotels to events.  No need to worry about parking or driving, we take care of it all!

Designed specifically with convention attendees in mind – Auckland Bus and Coach Hire is committed to providing exceptional services that meet all the needs of our customers.

  • Seminars

The convenience we can offer is second to none.  We would love the opportunity to provide you with an unforgettable experience at your next seminar or conference.  Our fleet of luxury coaches and buses can accommodate groups making sure that every one of our customers has a seat on board!

  • Weddings

You deserve the best on your special day.  Here at Auckland Bus and Coach Hire, we want to make sure you enjoy a memorable experience with us.  Our fleet of coaches and buses is the perfect way to get all your guests to enjoy a day filled with joy!  

  • Parties and much more.

If you require party buses or coaches, we have the perfect solution to make sure that all guests enjoy their day.  Our fleet is able to seat groups and parties providing an unforgettable experience.  Our luxury buses are perfect for any event, providing a safe way to get from point A to B with style!

Our staff and drivers are transportation specialists who know the best routes to get you anywhere in Auckland.  We make it easy to get around Auckland with our reliable and affordable bus hire services.  You can arrive on time, knowing you’re in good hands!  With professional drivers that know the area like a local, we take all the stress out of arranging your trip’s transportation needs.  So sit back, relax and enjoy every moment from Mount Albert with us at Auckland Bus and Coach Hire.

With a Mount Albert Bus Hire, you’ll always travel in style! With Auckland Bus and Coach Hire‘s fleet of modern coaches and buses, your journey will be comfortable. 

Auckland Bus and Coach Hire has an unlimited supply of buses that come standard with a number of great features.

  • Safe and Reliable Buses

We pride ourselves on the safety of our buses.  With vehicle security systems in place, you can be sure that your group will arrive safely at their destination every time!

  • We are on time, all the time!

With our fleet of modern buses that are always on time, you can be sure to arrive at your destination without a hitch!

  • Experienced, Uniformed, and Friendly Bus and Coach Drivers

The bus drivers at this company are all highly experienced and friendly.  They know the area of town they service well, which allows for a smoother ride.  We ensure your safety by having uniformed employees who are knowledgeable about navigating local streets as efficiently as possible while also being pleasant enough that any uncertain feelings arising during transit will be eased into relaxation.

  • Fully Insured Buses

You’ll never have to worry about maintaining a bus insurance policy when you travel with us.  We are fully insured, and your safety is our priority at all times. 

  • Comfortable and Luxurious Buses and Coaches

We are providing a different experience for the customer than what you may be used to.  We want our passengers to feel taken care of and have all their needs met from a transportation perspective.  You’ll get comfortable seating, air conditioning, and seatbelts throughout your journey with us!

Let our experienced team find the best bus and coach hire services for you.  We offer a quotation form that will help us understand what you’re looking for, we can give an estimate of cost based on your proposed date/time, number of people to be transported, pickup location(s)/drop off locations as well as any necessary vehicle features.

Seat Belt Equipped
On time, all of the time
Safe and Reliable Buses

Other Locations Served

Auckland Bus and Coach Hire also provide Bus and Coach Hire Services in the following location: