Auckland Bus and Coach Hire is the best way to travel in safety with comfort.  With a diverse range of buses available, we can meet every need for any occasion.  From personal transportation arrangements like our mid-range 20-seater minibuses or higher load 40-seaters up through 50+ seater coaches – we have it all!  You and your group will travel in air-conditioned luxury.  You’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to enjoy the best parts of the trip.

We thrive on the dependable service we offer to our clients.  That’s because at Auckland Bus and Coach understands that dependability is of the utmost importance to you.  We maintain a fleet of well-kept, high quality vehicles that are built for your comfort and pleasure.  We follow our standing maintenance schedule, and we also perform additional quick checks and services as needed.  All with the goal of delivering trustworthy and reliable service and to ensure your safety when traveling with us.

Our buses are the best way to travel!  They drive on safe and scenic roads, have top quality amenities for your convenience.

A trip with one of our buses is a journey that’s designed not just for safety but also comfort and peace-of-mind as well.

Seat Belt Equipped
On time, all of the time
Safe and Reliable Buses